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A Complete Overlay solution

49 Productions are capable of providing a complete Event Overlay Service for events and productions worldwide. Through our international partnerships, we can provide   throughout the industry

Our work includes:

- Site design consultancy

- Operational process development

- Logistic management planning

- Staffing and scheduling

- Supplier and vendor resourcing

- Onsite management and technical assistance

Large Structures and Special Projects Management

Having supported numerous mass participation, large scale events globally for the past 10 years, we're well versed in delivering structures of all types for any number of purposes.

- Structural design and consultancy.

- Construction of a range of structures. Including: stages, tents, structures, platforms, staircases, pedestrian walkways, seating, ramps, cable bridges, broadcast towers, field of plays, etc.

- Developing logistic management plans and build/break schedules for large-scale events.

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Commercial LED & Digital AV Integrator Project Management and Contracting

Working alongside international AV partners to design, deliver and maintain a range of digital integrated systems, such as:

- LED walls & interactive displays for both events sites and commercial applications.

- Project Managing and providing logistical support for brand activation's anywhere in the world.


Ongoing Technical Support and Skilled Worker Staffing
North America, United Kingdom, European Union, Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates

With our large database of skilled technicians across both the event and construction industries we can provide a workforce that can take on a range of challenges. Our fly-in roster includes:

- Site Managers

- Seating / Bleacher builders

- Forklift & Heavy Machinery

- Tent Technicians

- Site Crew

- Scaffolders

- Riggers

- Plumbers

- Electricians

- AV Technicians


Ongoing works are more regularly uploaded to our LinkedIn page:


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